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*NOTE: Under "Reading" Section, "T" means Textbook and "D" means To Destroy You is No Loss.

Lesson Topic Reading
1 Course Administration and Overview
What's Right and Wrong with America
2 Revolution and the Declaration of Independence T:1-10; D:1-50
3 Articles of Confederation, Philosophical
Foundations of the Constitution
T:11-34; D:51-100
4 Constitutional Convention D: 101-150; T: 35-47; 228-243
5 The "Founding Fathers", Ratification of the Constitution, Bill of Rights T:48-54; D:151-200
6 Congress and the Legislative Process T:55-59
7 The Presidency T:60-64; D:201-250
8 The Judiciary and Judicial Review 2nd Amend. and the Right to Bear Arms T:65-77; D:251-85
9 Judicial Safeguards in the Bill of Rights T:78-97
10 Elections, Voting Rights, Constitutional Checks & Balances T:98-111
11 Political Departments T:112-117
12 Basic Economics Supply and Demand T:118-150
13 Money, Finance, and Federal Reserve System T:151-157
14 Taxes and Borrowing
15 Growth, Unemployment, and Inflation T:164-171
16 Market Failure T:172-179
17 Sovereignty and the Civil War T:180-186
18 State and Local Government  
19 Freedom of Speech T:187-189
20 Freedom of Religion T:190-195
21 Civil Disobedience, Civil Rights, Civil Rights Movement T:204-227
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