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Judicial Safeguards and the Bill of Rights

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14th Amendment

  • Bill of Rights applies to states as well as to federal government
  • Judicial safeguards apply in state courts

4th Amendment

  • Searches can’t be unreasonable
  • Searches must have probable cause
  • Searches must be specific with respect to place and purpose

8th Amendment

  • Bail cannot be excessive
  • No excessive fines
  • No cruel or unusual punishment

6th Amendment

  • Speedy and public trial
  • Impartial jury
  • Right to counsel
  • Confronted by witnesses

5th Amendment

  • Can’t be twice put in jeopardy
  • Can’t be compelled to be a witness against one’s self
  • Due process
  • Standards of proof
    • Criminal trials
    • Civil trials

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