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Constitutional Convention

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Shay's Rebellion

  • Farmers who are losing their land because of inability to pay taxes resort to violence

Annapolis Convention

  • Called to work on trade problems. Only five States attend. Requests a convention to revise Articles of Confederation
  • Continental Congress agrees and calls the convention

Convention Format

  • Committee of the Whole-votes on recorded and Mr. Gorum presides
  • Otherwise-votes recorded and binding and Washington presides

Initial Positions at the Constitutional Convention

  • Small States
    • Add tax and trade powers to the Articles of Confederation
    • One vote per state in both bodies of Congress
  • Virginia Plan (Large States)
    • Abolish Articles of Confederation
    • Both bodies of Congress based on population
    • Executive elected by Congress

Compromises Agreed to at the Convention

  • House
    • Number based on state population
    • Count 3/5 of slaves
    • Power to originate tax bills
  • Senate
    • Two Senators per state
    • Elected by State Legislatures
  • Executive
    • Indirect election through Electoral College
  • Slavery
    • No importation after 1808
    • 3/5ths counted for House apportionment
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