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About the Professor

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Professor Craig Petersen, Ph.D.


University Studies
Utah State University

Image courtesy of Craig Petersen

Craig Petersen was born and grew up in Logan, Utah. He graduated from Utah State University with a dual major in Economics and Computer Science and served as Executive Vice President of ASUSU during his senior year. He later received a Ph.D in Economics from Stanford University. For over 20 years, Dr. Petersen was a member of the Department of Economics at USU. During that time, he was twice selected as College of Business Professor of the Year and also as USU's Professor of the Year in 1989. He has authored or co-authored four books, Business and Government, Managerial Economics, Economics: The Free Enterprise System, and The Economics of Work that have gone through a total of eleven editions.

In 1993, Dr. Petersen was selected as Vice Provost at USU and he served in that position until February, 2001 when he was asked by USU President Kermit Hall to be Chief of Staff and Special Assistant to the President for Planning and Community Relations. In January, 2003, he assumed the duties of Director of Analysis, Assessment, and Accreditation. He is an elected member of the Cache County Council and has served on that body for twelve years. He is also the chair of the recently-formed Cache Valley Regional Council which includes elected officials from Cache and Franklin Counties.

Dr. Petersen is married and has four daughters. He also has eight grandchildren. Dr. Petersen's leisure interests include basketball, tennis, jogging, hiking, travel, and reading.

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