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Week 15: Final Synthesis

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B. Well, here we are. I can't believe the semester is over already.

A. I can't believe you think we're going to do any work this last week after we've gotten used to playing games for class! [sounds of generaly agreement]

B. Well, there are no readings this week, and no environment to immerse yourself in, so that should be good news...

A. But the absence of the word 'assignment' from your list can't be good.

B. Well, there is one final synthesis activity I'd like you to engage in. Something to wrap up your semester's work and hopefully give you a springboard into later thinking on the topic of using social software to facilitate learning.

A. Sounds cumulative... almost comprehensive.

B. Not in the way you'd expect. Let's get right to the assignment.

Assignment: Put It Together

  • Consider all the technologies we reviewed this semester. Use the Syllabus if you need a reminder of what they were.
  • Choose the one you think provides the 'best' opportunities for supporting learning. In this context, 'best' means whatever you want it to mean (as long as it stays close to the commonly undertstood meaning of the term).
  • Using the course listing at bloglines (in the 7150 folder), review the pieces written by all your colleages on the technology you chose.
  • Write a synthesis piece pulling together the best insights, experiences, theorizing, and thinking about the technology you chose. Include a significant section of original writing in which you make recommendations for future use of the technology for the purpose of supporting learning, and describe the role of social interaction in its support of the learning process.
  • Post the piece to your blog by 10am on Wednesday the 15th.

A. You said there was no reading!

B. Well, in theory you've been reading each others' blogs all semester long, so this should be more of a review exercise than a reading exercise. ;)

A. I'm going to let you get away with that, what with it being the last class and all.

B. Well thanks. And thanks for an absolutely excellent semester. I look forward to these last pieces.

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