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Guidelines for Presentation

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The first Web page assignment should use all of the HTML tags content covered in the tutorials up to the due date. The second Web page assignment should incorporate Dreamweaver tutorial content up until the due date. Please post the URL for your assignment to the appropriate assignment discussion group. Page content is not not important; technical competence is.

Guidelines for posting to online discussions

Several topics have been created in the discussion area:

  • Technical Q&A: Use this topic to discuss all technical issues and problems.
  • Feedback on course : Use this topic to provide feedback on course design and delivery
  • Course content : Discussion questions will be posted here to seed discussion on topics related to the course.
  • Submit assignments : Submit all course assignments here.

Please consider the following when posting:

  • Ensure that the items you post are clear; write so others can understand.
  • Make posts friendly and informal.
  • Be concise.
  • Ask thought-provoking questions; make people think.
  • Make your questions open-ended.
  • If you want a response, make that clear
  • When responding to a question or comment, mention that you are doing so.
  • Don't simply post "I agree."

Usability Presentation

For this assignment on usability , the compulsory reading can be found at: by Aimee Truchard. Next, you will choose one of the topics on designing usable Web sites from the alertbox (select only one of the articles with a bolded title). You will describe and discuss it within the format of a presentation. Your presentation may be done individually or you may work with a partner.

Your presentation should be self contained, and will consist of an electronic document. You can use web pages, word processed documents, presentation software, etc., and should consist of the equivalent of a 12 minute live presentation. Please be sure to show examples and non-examples of the usability issue(s) under discussion.

Please post the presentation to the discussion group by the Due Date.

Full articles for each usability topic are at: .

Digital Library Presentation

An educational digital library is a web site that contains high-quality resources for use in instructional settings. It also typically includes services such as searching, browsing, and support for community building. Examples include:

For this assignment, you will describe and critique an educational digital library site of your choosing (from the list above, or one that you have found) within a presentation. You will describe the topic area, intended audience, tools, learning/instructional approach, and other interesting features. You will critique the content, design, usability, and navigation of the site and/or its resources.

Your presentation may be done individually or you may work with a partner.

Your presentation should be self contained, and will consist of an electronic document. You can use web pages, word processed documents, presentation software, etc., and should consist of the equivalent of a 12 minute live presentation.

Please post the presentation to the appropriate assignment discussion group by the due date.

Guidelines for final projects

The final project entails creating an online instructional site . Think of a procedure, process, or concept that you already teach or would like to teach that could be effective/efficient/fun as an online instructional module.

Design and development of the final project takes place in three phases, following the principles of user-centered design and rapid-prototyping. Each design phase is followed by usability testing, with results feeding into the next design phase.

Please post design documents for each phase, along with a description of usability testing/evaluation activities and results by the date specified in the calendar.

Phase # Description
Phase 1 Proposal/Design Phase

Develop a 2-3 page Project Proposal/Design Document. This document presents an overview of the project, and acts as a guide to the design and development of the project. The document should address the following:

  • Why is this product being developed (needs analysis) and what problem is being addressed (problem statement)?
  • Who is the target population?
  • What is going to be instructed (individual concepts, tasks, etc.)?
  • How will it instruct? What design principles, theories, or ideas are being used to instruct? (For example: simulation, problem-based learning, etc.)
  • What will the product be like? Describe the interface, interactions, navigation, etc. How do you envision the final product? Text descriptions and/or graphical sketches and flowcharts are great. This part of the document should serve as a guide when you begin to develop the product.

Example components of an instructional product are:

  • an introduction to the product, including instructions on how to navigate the product if necessary
  • A presentation component that demonstrates or models the content to be learned
  • A practice component that enables the user to interact with the material and gain proficiency
  • An assessment component that tests the learner's understanding of the material
  • These suggestions are by no means prescriptive. They are meant as a guide to help you create an adequately robust and instructionally sound project.
  • Usability testing : The proposal will be reviewed by at least one person or the product's client. Include a description of evaluation/testing activities and results when you submit this phase.

Phase 2

Alpha version

The Alpha version is a partially functional version of the final product. It should be comprised of Web pages that begin to give life to the product.

Someone looking at this version should be able to get a sense of the flow of the site, the interactivity, and the main modules or components, including how the material is to be presented, practiced, and/or assessed.

Usability : The Alpha will be tested by at least two people. Include a document describing usability testing activities and results when you submit this phase.

Phase 3

Beta version

The product has gone through final revisions. Content is finalized and professional. Interactivity is functional and error-free. Entire product has well-developed and consistent interface and Look and Feel.

When you submit your final project, please specify which course components were used in the final project (see below).

Usability: The final release will be tested at least two members from the target user group. Please provide a document describing your usability testing activities and results when you submit your final project.

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