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List Test Document

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This is a document to display the various types of lists. It may be used with different browsers to see how lists will look under different systems. This document contains examples of:

Ordered List

  1. Test files under a number of browsers
  2. Keep links simple
  3. You don't need to separate list items with a blank line. The list item marker is enough.

Unordered lists

This is an unordered list. However, there are three types of lists that typically show up with bulleted items.

  • Unordered lists
  • Menu lists
  • Directory lists

Nested Lists

It is possible to nest lists. For example, you can nest an unordered list in an ordered list. Here are some examples:

  1. Go to grocery store. Stuff to get:
    • apples
    • chocolate chips
    • cream cheese
    • cookies
  2. Take dog to vet.
  3. Finish gardening:
    1. weed
    2. turn compost pile
    3. plant daffodils
    4. move rose bush

You can also nest unordered lists within each other. Notice how some browsers change the bullets for each level:

  • Level One
    • Level Two
      • Level Three
        • Level Four
          • Level Five

Vivian Neou,
Copyright © 1995 Vivian Neou
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