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Evaluating the Usability of a Website

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Web site evaluation for usability, learnability, and supporting user-centered design is a topic that could take up an entire course. This module provides a high level overview of the topic.

This excellent 12 minute Audio Lecture will give you a quick crash course on usability, and rapid prototyping:

Mimi's Lecture, Real Stream (56 kbps)
Mimi's Lecture Real Stream (256 kbps)

Please read the following short articles on evaluating web site usability:

- 'First Rule of Usability? Don't Listen to Users' ( )

- 'Why You Only Need to Test With 5 Users' ( )

Standard methods to evaluate Web site usability include:

  • Asking an expert to critique and review the site
  • Observing users as they interact with the site
  • Interviewing users while or after they have interacted with the site
  • Conducting a focus group with users after they have interacted with the site
  • Asking users to respond to a survey . The following points to an example survey: questionnaire.html
    Note: this is just a sample, clicking the 'submit' button will not send any information to anyone.
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