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CourseBuilder for Dreamweaver

CourseBuilder is a powerful extension or add-on to Dreamweaver that enables you to create quizzes and other instructional web pages in a WYSIWYG environment. This extension compiles pre-written HTML and JavaScript to create complex learning interactions.

Warning 1: Even though you do not have to write the code yourself, using CourseBuilder is significantly more complex than anything we have done so far. Be sure to read the tutorial carefully, and follow each step to ensure that you understand how to add CourseBuilder interactions to your web pages.

Warning 2: Coursebuilder was built customized for IE browsers. Hence, if you use different browsers (e.g. netscape, mozilla) or older versions of IE, certain coursebuilder interactions may not work properly. Example, 'drag & drop' for CB version 3, does not work in mozilla browsers (yet!).

To learn more about CourseBuilder, look to the link below:

We will use the tutorial found in the "Using CourseBuilder" help file that comes with the extension. In order to use CourseBuilder, follow the following steps:
  1. You first need to download the Extension Manager avaiable at:
  2. you must then do a simple registration with macromedia before you can download the coursebuilder extension. Once you have signed up, return to the Dreamweaver Exchange, and then download the coursebuilder extension directly from the Dreamweaver Exchange found at:
    ( note : you may have to restart your computer once before it can be used).
  3. There is a specific file for both Windows and Mac Users, chose the one that you need.
  4. When the download is complete, and you have rebooted your computer, open Dreamweaver MX. Now, there should be a new tab called 'Learning'.
  5. NOTE: The interface looks different for different versions of DW, but the red logo representing 'e-learning' is consistent throughout. In earlier versions, the icon is found under a 'learning tab.'
  6. Coursebuilder Interaction
    New Learning Tab Appears
    Coursebuilder Icon

    In earlier versions of DWMX

  7. Once you have installed CourseBuilder, go to Help > Using CourseBuilder.
  8. In the browser window that opens, click the CourseBuilder for Dreamweaver Tutorial link and then click Tutorial Overview to begin the tutorial

Activity: Use CourseBuilder to create interactive assessment

Part 1: As described above, complete the CourseBuilder tutorial found in Dreamweaver.

Part 2: Create an assessment tool Using CourseBuilder interactions

  1. Add 2 True or False items
  2. Add 2 Multiple Choice items
  3. Add 2 Text Entry items
  4. Add your choice of 1 Drag and Drop item, 1 Explore item, 1 Timer item, or 1 Button item.
  5. Upload your documents (including the appropriate CourseBuilder support files) to the server and try them out in a browser.
Copyright 2008, by the Contributing Authors. Cite/attribute Resource . admin. (2008, May 20). DWMX e-learning. Retrieved January 07, 2011, from Free Online Course Materials — USU OpenCourseWare Web site: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License Creative Commons License
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