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Course Description

This course focuses on the production of resources (broadly interpreted) for use in online education (including formal and informal settings). In particular, the course focuses on Internet-based tools and technologies, and how they are developed and applied for use in online learning.

In this course, students:
  • Gain an understanding of Internet tools and technologies. Topics include the development of educational Web pages and sites; HTML and Dreamweaver; the role of online learning resources, digital libraries and associated tools; Internet-based conferencing and collaboration tools.
  • Design for accessibility, usability, and learnability.
  • Explore how they are developed, applied, and evaluated for use in online education.

To avoid duplication of existing courses, this course does not focus on authoring tools, or on the production of graphics, digital audio, and video. Similarly, the course does not focus on aspects surrounding instructional design for distance education courses.


Students enrolled in the course are assumed to possess basic information technology literacy. No prior knowledge of HTML is assumed.

Textbook and software materials

The recommended texts:

These are available via the bookstore or can be purchased online. See tutorials for reading assignments.

Online readings:

Using the Web for Interactive Teaching and Learning.

Class Templates:

  • A set of HTML template files are needed to complete some of the tutorials.
    These are available here in ZIP format.
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