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Problem Based Learning

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  • Problem-Based Learning
  • Problem-Based Learning (PBL) evolved from a health science curricula over 30 years ago. It has been used broadly in various fields as an instructional method, which is always designed to develop self directed learning and autonomy through student centred activity.

  • Characteristics of Problem-Based Learning
    • Problems first: Using stimulus materials to help students discuss an important problem, question or issue.
    • Authentic problems: Presenting the problem as a simulation of professional practice of a "real life"situation.
    • Facilitators: Guiding students and providing appropriate resources to help them learn from defining and attempting to solve the given problem.
    • Self-directed learning: An emphasis on students taking responsibility for their own learning.
    • Reflections: Having students reapply the new knowledge to the original problem and evaluate their learning processes.
  • What does PBL look like?
  • Please access a problem to have a sense of a simple PBL sample. Because the meanings and uses of Problem-Based Learning are different, PBL would have different looks.

    In this course, we follow a Problem-Based Learning approach that gives you several problems as how to use an instructional tool and how to create instructional activities using this tool. You are supposed to solve these problems by yourself. Meanwhile we provide some learning supports to help you get through these problems successfully.

  • References
    • A Website on PBL : It will give you a big picture of what PBL is and also provide thorough stuff if you want to do a further study on PBL.
    • UD PBL : At this website sponsored by the University of Delaware, you will find lots of articles and books on PBL.

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