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What Will You Learn?

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  • This module is designed for pre-service and in-service teachers (including school library media specialists). The module assumes basic Internet literacy, including using a Web browser, and basic search techniques.

  • What will you learn?
  • In this online WebCT module, you will learn the following:

    • how to use online digital libraries of learning resources, specifically the National Science Digital Library ( ), to find high-quality, interactive resources ( 3.1. Use the National Science Digital Library );
    • how to connect the instructional activities to the core curriculum ( 4. Connect to the Core Curriculum );
    • how to use a simple tool, the Instructional Architect (IA), to create online, engaging instructional activities using these learning resources to enliven your classroom and motivate your students ( 5.2. Use the Instructional Architect ).

    The module follows a Problem-Based Learning approach in that you will be asked to use the tools to solve instructional problems or issues that you currently face.

  • Example IA projects
  • To give you a sense of the kinds of learning activities you can create with the NSDL and the IA, we provide the following instructional projects created by teachers.

  • Ms. Dawson, " Weather ." Includes a simple weather simulator. Appropriate for elementary or middle school science.
  • Ms. Dawson, " Fractions are FUN! " Includes an applet game. Good for elementary school math.
  • Michael Lyman, " Mr. Lyman's 7th grade Frog Lab ." Includes a virtual dissection to be completed, which is really fun.
  • Claire Olsen, " Exploring Europe ." Includes interesting games and quizes.
  • You can also access the Instructional Architect to examine more IA projects (click on How to Browse IA Projects to learn more).

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