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The following provide examples (IA projects) of different types of instructional activities created using the Instructional Architect.

  1. Lecture: Online learning resources can help present information.
    • sclark, " Electronical Engineering ." Includes lots of online resources relevant to electronical engineering, and introduces common electronical products.
  2. Homework activity: Online resources can support students in completing the homework successfully.
    • Ms. Dawson, " Weather ." Includes a simple weather simulator. Appropriate for elementary or middle school science.
  3. Group work: Students work in groups to solve problems or complete tasks. Online resources can provide supportive information, set the problem context.
    • Mrs. Card, " Heredity ." Includes an interesting task to be completed in groups.
  4. Lab activity: Online resources can provide access to virtual experiments, replacing dangerous or high-cost real experiments.

Naturally, your instructional activity (or IA project) can consist of many types of learning activities.

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