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How to Design an Outline for an Instructional Activity

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  1. Identify the components that will constitute your instructional activity.
  2. Identify the major points of these components.
  3. Think about how to implement these issues in the Instructional Architect.

For example, based on the kind of instructional activities you will create (e.g., homework, group work, lab activity), you will need to consider the following issues:

  • Objectives: Objectives need to align to specific core state and national standards for their subject area (click on Connect to the Core Curriculum to learn more).
  • Materials: Internet access is necessary, however, not all activities are required to be implemented online. You can combine the online component with classroom instruction.
  • Procedures:
    • How will you conduct the instructional activity?
    • What resources do you need corresponding to the procedures of the instructional activity? Resources you select need to be related to objectives.
    • How to locate these resources in the Instructional Architect?
  • Assessment: Online resources may or may not be necessary here.
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