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  • As part of the online module, you will be guided in creating three instructional activities (or IA projects) that use online learning resources.

    For the assessment in this module, you are asked to complete the following:

    • Create two additional instructional activities (IA projects) using at least three online learning resources in each project (from either the NSDL or the Web). These activities should be useful to the students and usable in your current or future teaching context.
    • Implement at least one of your activities (IA project) in an instructional situation (e.g., classroom, workshop, seminar, homework activity, etc).
    • Write a short reflection paper (no more than two pages), which includes the following:
      • Project ID (or URLs) for the IA projects created
      • Project ID (or URLs) for the IA projects implemented in an instructional or classroom context
      • A description of the instructional situation in which you implemented your activity(s)
      • A description of successes and difficulties encountered in designing and implementing the activities
      • A description for how you could use these tools in your classroom in the future
      • Suggestions for improving the NSDL and/or the Instructional Architect

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