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Word Processing

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"The term word processing was invented by IBM in the late 1960s. By 1971 it was recognized by the New York Times as a "buzz word." A 1971 Times article referred to "the brave new world of Word Processing or W/P." See more from Wikipedia

Mr Johnson's Rules of Writing

  1. Content comes first
  2. Get all you content, spell check, revisions, and writing done first
  3. Your content is most important
  4. Make it look good AFTER you have finished ALL you content.
    1. ie fonts, colors, alignment, font sizes, graphics, etc.

Ideas for Using WP With Your Curriculum

Web 'stuff' to get you going

Visual Thesaurus
Not just a thesaurus, it's also an addicting toy. You simply must experience this to appreciate how cool it is. The 'local' version will integrate withing MS Word.

There are a lot of very creative out there. These folks take their creativity and allow others to expand and write about it. 

National Geographic Talk Back
A fun writing starter activity online. 

Comics in the Classroom:
An introduction to the genre of comic books and their appeal for today's students. 

NACAE: National Association of Comics Art Educators 

Wacky Web Tales: online Mad Libs

Power Proofreading:

'Teaching' Word Processing

Software: Common Word Processors

Online Writing Tools

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