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Web Site Evaluation

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As a teacher, you will constantly be using and/or recommending web sites. Websites for your students learn. Websites for parents to use at home. Websites to find information about a topic. Websites to find lesson plans and ideas. This assignment will help you explore some decision making scenarios that need to be considered in order to ‘trust’ web site. 

Your assignment…

  1. Find one web site that represents each of the following categories
    • An elementary school web site
    • A web site that provides lesson ideas for teachers
    • An informational web site that gives basic information about an elementary level topic
    • An interactive web site that allows students to practice a specific skill or knowledge concerning an elementary level topic.
  2. Choose and print out an appropriate web site evaluation matrix from one of the following locations... (you may use different forms for different web sites)
  3. Complete an evaluation form for each web site.
  4. Complete a blog entry about web site evaluation. Information you could share includes…
    • What form(s) did you like/dislike? Why?
    • Were there any hidden secrets about a website you discovered by using an evaluation form?
    • What is the value of using a web site evaluation process?
    • Are there times you would/would not use a formal evaluation

A note of interest:

I was asked "why does it matter if you dont know who the author is?" Good question. My response...

Knowing who wrote the webpage can be useful and informative. A web page may be bias if it is written by someone with a high stake interest in it and/or an 'enemy.'

For example #1...

A website talks about how wonderful, attractive, and safe City X is. If that website is written by the main tourist hotel in City X, is it bias? Have they left out a higher than normal crime rate, the fact City X may only have 14 days with temps above 58 degrees, or only 1 restaurant in town?

Example #2...

A website talks about how great a teacher Professor Y is. Unfortunately it was all created and written by Professor Y. Another site talks about how horrible Professor Y is. Unfortunately it was created by a disgruntled student who failed a class taught by Professor Y.

What is the true nature of Professor Y, good or bad?

I hope this gives you the general idea of why knowing who wrote the site can make a difference.

Copyright 2008, by the Contributing Authors. Cite/attribute Resource . Johnson, K., admin. (2008, September 16). Web Site Evaluation. Retrieved January 07, 2011, from Free Online Course Materials — USU OpenCourseWare Web site: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License Creative Commons License
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