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Background Information

The Utah Education Network (UEN) is consortium of public education partners, including the Utah System of Higher Education and its ten universities and colleges and Utah Electronic College; the Utah State Office of Education, local school districts and the Utah Electronic High School; and the state's Library system.

UEN coordinates and delivers a variety of educational resources to Utah's schools, universities, colleges, and homes each day. Through our nationally recognized web site, patrons access Pioneer Library resources. Teachers access professional development resources, lesson plans , and online tools to help them enhance their skills and integrate technology in their classrooms.

For the purposes of our course, we will focus on the following major areas:


my.uen provides registered educators an easy way to create a customized web page. my.uen also provides educators direct access to UEN Tools and Services. The self-designed web page allows users to choose and organize content such as:

  • an online calendar
  • messages and announcements
  • weather forecasts and stock quotes
  • documents
  • bookmarks for quick access to your favorite sites

For the best resources on how to effectivly use my.uen, please visit the my.uen Help Center at


Pioneer, Utah’s Online Library was created in 1996 to provide electronic information and resources to the students, teachers, and citizens of the State of Utah. Pioneer was brought about through the combined efforts of public libraries, higher, and public education, the Utah Education Network, and state government. Many of the resources available on Pioneer would be too expensive for individual institutions to obtain, but with the partnership and funding from community libraries and public and higher education, they are available for everyone to use. . Through this collaborative effort you and your students have access to a wide variety of high quality information including newspapers, magazines, professional journals, encyclopedias, videos, photos, maps, charts and graphics.

For the best resources on how to effectivly use Pioneer Library, please visit the Pioneer Library: support materials at

To access the K-12 Pioneer Library from home: Go to:

Login Name: pioneer


Password: home


The latest feature to be added to the Pioneer Online library is eMedia . This resource was created by UEN and UIMC (Utah Instructional Media Consortium) for Utah teachers to provide them with valuable access to multimedia resources. The database contains over 200 clips and entire films provided by educational organizations.


Action by the Utah State Board of Education in January 1984 established a policy requiring the identification of specific Core Curriculum standards, which must be completed by all students K-12 as a requisite for graduation from Utah’s secondary schools. This action was followed by three years of extensive work involving all levels of the education family in the process of identifying, trial testing, and refining these Core Curriculum standards for Utah’s schools. Those standards continue to be updated regularly

The Core Curriculum represents those standards of learning that are essential for all students. They are the ideas, concepts, and skills that provide a foundation on which subsequent learning may be built.

The Core should be taught with respect for differences in learning styles, learning rates, and individual capabilities without losing sight of the common goals. Although the Core Curriculum standards are intended to occupy a major part of the school program, they are not the total curriculum of a level or course.

This UEN Core Curriculum web site allows you to search the Utah Core as well as coorelated Lesson Plans, Education Links, and ITV Video Resources.

Go to Assignment: Lesson Plan 1

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