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Lesson Plan 2

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As a teacher, your ability to identify how and when to use technology enhanced lesson plans is a very valuable skill. In class we talked about various ways of using word processors in the classroom. We also discussed several ‘computer’ arrangements that may be available to you as a teacher. (lab, 1 computer classroom, mini classroom lab) This assignment will help you explore decisions that need to be made in order for a technology-enhanced lesson to be effective.

Your assignment…

  1. Spend some *significant time online browsing word processor based lesson plans.
    • Do not be afraid to try a new word processor.
    • Feel free to use plans that have associated templates.
  2. Choose one (1) lesson plan that...
    • Effectively engages word processing to improve the teaching/learning process.
    • DOES NOT teach ‘word processing’ or ‘technology.’
    • You like.
  3. Print a paper copy of the lesson.
  4. Do the activity as outlined by the lesson plan.
  5. Print out the activity you did, as instructed in step 4.
  6. Write a 1-1.5 page reflection that addresses the following…
    • What setting would be most & least effective? (ie lab, 1 computer classroom, etc)
    • Under what conditions would word processing hinder the teaching/learning process?
    • Under what conditions would word processing help the teaching/learning process?
    • What technology skills would your students need in order for the lesson to be effective?
    • What word processor/software would be most effective? Why?
    • In general, would the lesson plan be useful in the level II practicum school you are currently working in? Why or why not?
  7. Turn in a paper copy of
    • The lesson plan (step 3)
    • The activity, done by you (step 5)
    • Your reflection (step 6)

* meaning more than “a really quick look just long enough to get the assignment done”

P.S. Remember my dislike for lessons that… ‘teach’ technology and/or Use technology because ‘it makes it fun.’

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