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Lesson Plan 1

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As a teacher, your ability to identify quality ideas in lesson plans is a very valuable skill. In class we talked about various services offered by UEN. This assignment will help you explore a little deeper at, looking at the teacher contributed lesson plans associate with the State Core Curriculum. Look deep for quality ideas, not just fluff lessons.

For this assignment,

  1. Choose a specific grade level.
  2. Choose a specific subject area.
  3. Spend some * significant time online browsing lesson plans associated with your chosen grade level and subject area .
  4. Create a lesson plan that
    • Effectively meets one or more Utah curriculum objectives for your chosen grade level and subject area.
    • Effectively applies technology to improve teaching/learning --.Does not teach ‘technology.’
    • models after one or more lessons you've found on or another web site.
  5. Remember that is assignment is 20% of your overall grade, so be creative and do you best work.
  6. This assignment is due by Monday, September 29 , 2008.
  7. In your blog this week, publish a new post including your reflections plus the followings:
    • List the grade level you chose.
    • List the subject area you chose.
    • List the title of the lesson plan you chose.
    • Provide links (http://) to the lesson plans you used or from which you borrowed ideas.

* means more than “a really quick look just long enough to get the assignment done”

Important! Remember to avoid lessons that

  • ‘Teach’ technology just for the sake of technology
  • Use technology when something else would be significantly more effective.
  • Use technology only because ‘it makes it fun.’
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