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The INSTRUCTIONAL ARCHITECT allows you to find, use, and share learning resources from the National Science Digital Library (NSDL) and the Web in order to create engaging and interactive educational web pages. It allows educators to easily access and acquire online resources, organize and adapt those resources into activities for their students, and make those new activities available to a variety of audiences.

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About Your Guest Instructor: Brooke Robertshaw

Brooke Robertshaw is a second year PhD student in Instructional Technology here at Utah State University. Her interests include reuse of digital resources, the interplay of culture and reuse of open educational resources, and how these resources can be used to help empower those most disempowered here in the United States. She works with the IA team as a research assistant.

Brooke came to Utah State from Eugene, Oregon where she was a community organizer in the peace and human justice communities. Among the variety of different causes she worked with her most proud accomplishments include being a founding board member of the Justice Not War Coalition and being the Assistant Manager of the Andrea Ortiz for City Council campaign, which lead to the successful election of the first Latina to the Eugene City Council. During her last year in Eugene she was the technical coordinator for LEAD (Leadership, Education, Adventure and Direction), a program that gives at-risk teens the skills to change the world. She got her Master's degree in Instructional Technology from the University of Georgia (1998) and her B.A. in Elementary Education (1995) from Oglethorpe University.

When not working Brooke enjoys biking, cooking, personal growth work, and knitting the occasional hat.

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Utah State University offers an online masters degree program (MS & MEd) in Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences. Click below to find out more.