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Lesson 9

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Now we are getting to the fun stuff of the web. Using multimedia on your web page. Can you believe that when the web was in its infancy that there was no images, multimedia, or flash animations. The web was strictly text. However it was an incredible invention. Never before was there a cross platform way of sharing documents. A web browser is really a cross platform viewer of text and other information.

In this lesson you will learn some of the ways to include multimedia in your web page. It can be as simple as linking to them, or more complex like using the embed or object tags. The book will tell you of some of the problems with these last two tags.

You will need the Quicktime player for this lesson. You can download it from the Apple Website. You can choose the download link to download the player for your computer. The Quicktime player is free.


Day 12
Sams Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML and XHTML in 21 Days.
ISBN 0-672-32519-5

Elements & Tags

<a href = " "> <embed>


Download and install the Quicktime Player available for free at You may also wish to download the Windows media player if you choose to use a movie in the windows media format. Windows media video files end with a .wmv extension.

Your computer may already have this installed and working. You can test it by trying this basic quicktime movie.

For this lesson you will create two web pages. lesson9a.html will contain a background sound and a flash animation banner or movie. Use some .mid (MIDI) files for the background audio. You may use any audio file or animated graphics banner you find or create. You may also use the files provided as a resource at the address above.

lesson9b.html will contain an embedded video using the embed or object tag. You can use a quicktime movie (.mov) or a windows media movie (.wmv). You may use any other movies you may have or find for this project. Upload your files as you have done in the past. Test your pages in Internet Explorer.


24 Hour HTML CAFE on embedding multimedia
Glossary of audio video formats and terms

Reflective Questions

What issues might your users face when visiting your website that has multimedia?

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