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Lesson 5

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Table for two!, well not exactly, but a table for placing elements. Tables are used in HTML for many of the same reasons they are used in word processing documents. They can hold cells of information and they also can be used for formatting. Many, many websites actually use hidden tables to format the entire page. The table borders are turned off, or set to "0" so the table and its cells are invisible. You can do many things with tables including choosing how things are displayed or formatted within the cell.

With CSS becoming very popular and more and more designers using it for formatting a page, tables are not used as much. However you can still use them to format data, and other things. You can still use them to format the web page.


Day 8
Sams Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML and XHTML in 21 Days.
ISBN 0-672-32519-5

Elements & Tags

  • <table>
  • <tr>
  • <th>
  • <td>


  • Create a calendar (web page) for the current month or your favorite month. Use what you have learned in this chapter on tables a nd any other chapters.
  • The title of the month must be a spanned column across the top of or down one side of the calendar.
  • Calendar days must be appropriately aligned in the top left corner of the cells.
  • Weekend cells should be in a different color.
  • Holidays must include a small graphic if there are any major holidays in the month you choose, however one cell must have a graphic in it.
  • Add in a few appointments, birthdays, etc. into the cells.
  • You must use cell borders, content alignment, padding, spacing, etc.
  • Your calendar must span the width (80% - 90%) of the web page.

Place your calendar.html file and any graphics used in a folder called lesson5 and FTP the folder to your website. Then go to the Activity tool and let me know you turned it in using that tool. That way I can give you feedback.

After completing the assignment visit a couple of websites on the internet and view their source code (i.e. view then source on the browser menu) to see if you can find a table and cells that are hidden but being used to format things.


HTML tutorial

Reflective Questions

When would you save an image as a JPEG rather than a GIF?

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