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Lesson 2

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If you are looking at lesson 2, then it tells me you survived lesson 1. Great! In this lesson you will learn about links. Now links are what give HTML the "H" for Hypertext in its name. Hypertext is text that can link to something else. Is n't that what the web is all about? That is why it was invented. I doubt you go to many websites without clicking on a link that takes you to another page.

Consider this, there are two types of links.

  1. The first type of link links to another web page. This web page could be on the same web server or it could be on a server in another building, state, or another country.
  2. The second type of links, links to something in its own web page. For example, you could have a menu at the top of a page that link to sections within the same page.

While reading the chapter pay particular attention to Relative and Absolute links. This is an important concept to fully understand. We will discuss it more in other lessons.


Day 5 of textbook (pg. 95)
Sams Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML and XHTML in 21 Days. ISBN 0-672-32519-5

Elements & Tags

  • <a>
  • <a name = " ">
  • mailto


Complete the workshop, & Quiz section of the text. (pages 124- 126) Using the resume you create in last weeks lesson, add links to your resume. Add links to the schools you have attended including high school and college. Add links to places you have worked if they exist. Add a mailto: tag to your resume that links to your email address. Save your new resume page as resume.html. Create a second web page to list your hobbies and interests. Name this page resume2.html. Create a link from your resume.html to this new page you have just created. This link could be called "Hobbies and Interests" Both files should be in the same directory/folder on your computer. Download and install and FTP program like "filezilla," ( ) in preparation for lesson 3. The getting started section of the class has links for this.


Your text book has a great HTML quick reference guide in the font cover of the book.
Getting started with HTML
HTML tutorial

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