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Getting Started

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Welcome to INST 5260 "Learn and Apply HTML." Before we get into class, let's get some things ready to go including your computer. You must have a computer with reliable internet access and the appropriate software installed.

Step 1:

Install Plug-ins

For this class, you will need to make sure you have the following plug-ins installed. You can click them do download the player. Adobe Acrobat Reader and Macromedia Flash Player are needed to start the class. The Windows Media Player can be downloaded later.

Step 2:

Download Software

To publish your web pages to a web server you will need a File Transfer Protocol client (FTP client).

Both licenses are free, however with Fetch, you will need to apply for the educational free license. There are instructions on the website for how to do this.

You may use any FTP client, just realize that you will need to use one for the final exam, and the center you take the final at may only have Filezilla.

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