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Lesson 5

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Topic: Instructional games in schools.


Track A

Agency, B. E. C. T. A. (2001). Computer Games in Education Project (PDF). Retrieved July 15, 2005, from

Track B

Koster, R. (2005). Chapter 7: The problem with learning. In A Theory of Fun for Game Design (pp. 110-127). Scottsdale, AZ: Paraglyph Press.  

Recommended for Both Tracks

Montfort, N. (2003). Twisty Little Passages: An Approach to Interactive Fiction (HTML) (First Paperback ed.). Cambridge: MIT Press.

Squire, K., & Barab, S. Learning world history through computer simulation games (Word) .

Steinkuehler, C. A. (2003, March 25). Videogaming as participation in a discourse (PDF) . Paper presented at the Annual Conference ofthe American Association for Applied Linguistics.


Instructional games demo assignment
Appendix A: Outline for Demonstrating Instructional Game to the Class
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