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Lesson 10: Track A Summaries

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Crawford, C.; Why do people play games?

Reading summary/quotes:

The desire to learn is usually the primary driving motivational factor behind game playing, whether conscious or unconscious. In addition to learning, there are other motivational factors like the desire for fantasy or the need to prove oneself. Entertainment or enjoyment factors are not necessarily motivational but rather aid in choosing a game to play once one is motivated in the first place.

In this chapter Crawford addresses many reasons for why people play games. His reasons include fantasy/exploration, proving superiority, proving oneself, socializing, exercise, and need for acknowledgment. Foremost in his reasons is the need for fantasy, or a temporary escape from reality. He gives several examples of this, including his Disneyland example. Crawford also discusses components of sensory gratification and game play.

“Just as rock 'n roll was the entry point into the world of music for an entire generation, so will skill-and-action games be the entry point into the world of games for the whole population. Like early rock 'n roll, skill-and-action games have broad appeal, and are easy to understand. As people become more sophisticated with games, their tastes will evolve down different branches.” (p. 7)

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Discussion points/questions:

  • o you agree that fantasy is the most important motivating factor? Why?
Contributors: Tom Caswell, Marion Jensen, Jennifer Jorgensen, Jon Scoresby, and Tim Stowell
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