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Lesson Topic Readings/Summaries
0 Introductions and syllabus review. Lesson 0
1 What are instructional games? Research, classifications and culture. Lesson 1
2 Instructional games and learning. Lesson 2
3 Introduction to the design of instructional games. Lesson 3
4 Revisiting Research, classifications and culture of instructional games. Lesson 4
5 Instructional games in schools. Lesson 5
6 Design of instructional games (II). Lesson 6
7 Design of instructional games, advanced topics (III). Lesson 7
8 Design of instructional games, advanced topics (IV). Lesson 8
9 Motivation in instructional games (I). Lesson 9
10 Motivation in instructional games (II). Lesson 10
11 Future of instructional games. Lesson 11
12 Instructional games and simulations. Lesson 12
13 Design briefs vs. Full Design Documents. Project wrap and reflection. Lesson 13

You will either be responsible for the readings from Track A or Track B. You are responsible for the readings from your track, as you will be thoroughly reading each of them plus providing an overview of it in the vein of an executive summary by following the sections provided in the summary template . The summary template is designed to help you keep track of information you find to be of importance within the article, and will give you practice in keeping information useful in a literature review. You will also be responsible for skimming the reading from the alternate track, in order to meaningfully participate in class discussion based on both readings.

The summary template is designed to hold information similar to that which would be provided in an Endnote citation. One of the objectives in having you follow this format will be to practice gleaning key points from the readings that include quotes, and synthesizing/creating summaries of articles in your own words. Each summary template concludes with a section where you write questions that arose during your reading, or thoughts for exploration that the article brought forth. Only the summary for the reading(s) in your track and assigned to both tracks will be required for submission in each lesson, although I highly recommend you make it a practice to make summaries for all of your readings.

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