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You'll need version 8 of the Flash player to view these movies.

If you choose the view option by clicking on a video title or the full screen link you'll be able to start watching right away via streaming, but the video will not be saved on your computer (meaning that every time you come back, you'll have to start the download process again. If you download the .zip archive then you'll be able to go back to the movie as often as you like without waiting.

Topic Activities/Assignments Video Full Screen Video Download
Personal introductions
Introduction to the course .
Flash interface basics Video #1: Flash interface basics
Start work plan.
Drawing and color tools, Keyframes, Layers, Animation
Video #2: Drawing Tools and Animation (Tweens)
Video #3: (optional) Assignment 1 Spoiler
Work Plan (introduction and goals only)
Symbols and instances, Animation
(Tweens continued).
Video #4: Tweens, Motion Guides, and Custom Easement
Video #5: Symbols and Ink Bottle
Video #6: (optional) Assignment 2 Spoiler
Bitmaps, buttons, ActionScripting. Video #7: Bitmaps, Buttons, and Action Scripting
Video #8: (optional) Assignment 3 Spoiler
Work Plan (add: client, scope, target audience, limitations, finished products, and timeline)
Control structures, variables,
commenting code & debugging.
Video #9: Variables, Control Structures, and Debugging
Video #10: (optional) Assignment 4 Spoiler
Work Plan (add: storyboards, revise previous sections and prepare completed work plan).
Movie clips, Dot Syntax,
Object Hierarchies
Video #11: Movie Clips, Object Heirarchy, Dot Syntax
Video #12: (optional) Assignment 5 Spoiler
Drag & Drop Video #13: Drag and Drop, Dynamic Text
Video #14: (optional) Assignment 6 Spoiler
Embedded Items Video #15: Embedded Items
Note there is no Assignment 7 Spoiler
Sound & Video Video #16: Sound and Video
Video #17: Video Codecs
Video #18: (optional) Assignment 8 Spoiler
Publication and Optimization
Video #18: Publish and Preload
The assignment for Publication and Optimization has been removed.
Taking flash on the road
(development for mobile devices)
Video #19: Going Portable (with some additional odds and ends)
The assignment for mobile development has been removed.
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