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Assignment 8

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Class Video File

Guidelines and Assessment Rubric

We're going to expand on the class photo viewer so that we can now take a look at photos and hear how each name is pronounced (with the hope that these multiple representations will facilitate better encoding into long term memory, not to mention clarify pronunciation).

Functionality required includes (note some of these were covered in you previous submission):

  • Navigation (buttons) for "next" "previous" "first" and "last" that take you only to different class members.
  • Add in a sound for the "next" and "previous" button. Make the sound relevant to the content, and only let the sound play if it means displaying a new video.
    • This means you'll need to use actionscript to play the sound, and you'll need a linkage name (in order to use actionscript).
  • You should also have the navigation to credits.
  • Navigation from credits back to the last viewed class member required for assignment 04.
  • Each video should be embedded in it's own unique movie clip (so that you only need to reserve one keyframe for it on the main timeline). The videos should play when the user clicks on some sort of "play" button, when the video is finished playing it should go back to the starting frame and then pause until the button is clicked again.
  • Add in a missing class member (Ben Croshaw), make sure you place him in a position that maintains your original order (e.g. alphabetical by first or last name).
    • Note that your library should also be "clean" and have only the elements that you need for this particular project (hint: you'll need to get rid of the still photos).

If you are already well versed in Flash: Use the array structure from assignment 04 but instead of loading .jpg files, load your pre-built movie clips for each of the videos. As an alternative, you can choose to load external .flv versions of the video as well. Note that if you go this last route, you'll need to submit your assignment as a .zip archive since you will have multiple files. You might also consider adding more than the play button (such as a rewind, a stop or even turing the play button into a play/pause toggle button). As a hint to the toggle, think about putting the play button on frame one of a movie clip timeline and the pause button on frame two of a movie clip timeline. When the play button is pressed, you play the video and then move your "button" movieclip over to frame two which then shows the pause button, when the pause button is clicked the reverse happens.

  • Deliverables: flash development file (.fla)
  • File Naming convention: assignment8{YourName}.fla (so if your name were Sam Walker you would name the file assignment8SamWalker.fla).

Assessment Rubric

Your assignment will be assessed using the following rubric:

Criteria Points
Do you use a consistent naming convention for layers, symbols, and pseudo-symbols in this case the image bitmaps? Did all of your layers have a meaningful name? (e.g. "layer 1" is not an option) 1 points
Is your project easy to change and update?
  • you should have only the number of instances you absolutely need for each symbol (including the play button!)
  • you should use consistent tab stops for your code don't be shy about using the autoformat button in the actions window.
  • Finally, you should not have any "magic numbers." For the purposes of this class, a magic number is defined as a value in ActionScript that is used in more than one piece of code, but not updatable in one place.
3 points
Do you have a well organized timeline (related layers are near each other, elements are where they are promised e.g. student videos are in the videos layer, not the buttons layer). 2 points
Are all of the required elements (see above) present and working correctly? 4 points
Total 10 points
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