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Assignment 7

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Embedded Items

Guidelines and Assessment Rubric

This assignment represents a rather large departure from what we've been doing in that you will not be using the flash development environment to complete it . In addition, you will be creating your own monster so to speak. In an effort to get you some practice in writing embedded items, you will be writing out the embedded items for your final project.

You should pick the appropriate item type (matching or multiple choice). Matching is perfect for "parts of" kinds of information checks (such as testing knowledge about say different computer components on a motherboard), or "kinds of" information checks (such as categorizing types of novels). You don't have to do all matching or all multiple choice, rather align the item type to learning target (and don't stress out too much, there are lots of cases where either would be appropriate). As you write your items note the following guidelines:

  • Clearly note what you expect to check their knowledge of for each item (learning target).
  • Follow the recommendations for your item type from the lecture video.
  • Make sure you clearly label the correct response, and the invalid response.
  • Write out your correct response, recursive corrective, and invalid response feedback associated with your items (to this end, make sure you label your responses or responses and premises so it is clear what the feedback is associated with).

You should have about 2-4 embedded items for your final project. If you find yourself writing fewer than this or many more than this you should check with me before submitting. If you want a suggested format for organizing your assignment , check on the next page.

  • Deliverables: word document (.doc) OR rich text format (.rtf)
  • File Naming convention: assignment7{YourName}.doc (so if your name were Sam Walker you would name the file assignment7SamWalker.doc).

Assessment Rubric

Your assignment will be assessed using the following rubric:

Criteria Points
Did you use one of the possible item types (matching or multiple choice)? 1 points
Do you follow the relevant prescriptions for your selected type of item? 4 points
Do you have all of the appropriate types of feedback? (correct response, recursive corrective, invalid response) 3 points
Is your item free of grammatical errors (including the feedback)? 2 points
Total 10 points

Sample item write-up (borrowed from the Sheri Moore Exemplar).

Learning Target: Correctly classify wines (dry, semi-dry, sweet) based on their sugar levels.

Stem: Check the sugar percentage on each wine label and then drag it to the bucket with the matching level of residual sugar.

  1. Dry
  2. Semi-dry
  3. Sweet
  1. 0-0.2%
  2. 1-2%
  3. 4-10%
  4. 20-30%


  • dropped on 1. "That is right! Dry wine has 0-0.2% residual sugar." (correct response)
  • dropped on 2. or 3. "That is not quite right. Wine between 0-0.2% residual sugar is not quite so sweet. Try again."
  • dropped on 2. - "That is right! Semi Dry wine has between 1-3% residual sugar." (correct response)
  • dropped on 1. or 3. - "That is not quite right. Wine between 1-3% residual sugar is not quite so extreme. Try again."
  • dropped on 3 "That is right! Sweet wine has between 4-10% residual sugar." (correct response)
  • dropped on 1. or 2. - "That is not quite right. Wine between 4-10% residual sugar has more sugar than wine that is more dry."
  • dropped on 1., 2., or 3. "That is not quite right. Wine between 20-30% has crossed the line between wine and fermented grape juice. Try again."
  • Bottle dropped on anything but bucket "Oops! Please drag your bottle to the matching bucket and then drop it there." (invalid response)
  • A write up for a multiple choice item should be much more simple. Feel free to use pictures (or describe pictures if you don't have them yet) just make sure you clearly label them for the pursposes of making the feedback easier to interpret. Also, if you do choose to use pictures you will not necessarily be required to use those particular ones in your final project.
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