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Assignment 3

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Class Photo File

Guidelines and Assessment Rubric

Create and build a tool for viewing the class photos taken during the first week. The purpose of a tool like this is to assist with rote rehersal of names and faces so classmates can get to know one another (although this is a bit trivial in a class our size, the principles involved are the same). You can find the pictures you need in the download file for this week.

Functionality required includes:

  • Navigation (buttons) for "next" "previous" "first" and "last", feel free to use buttons from the common libraries in flash, or you can also take this opportunity to use your newly acquired or existing skills with vector art to come up with your own (pulling from clip art libraries or web sites is also permissible). I do strongly recommend you get in some practice making your own buttons.
  • Pictures of all the students (at least the ones you have been given up to this point). All photographs should appear in the exact same spot on the stage (the swap bitmap feature should be helpful here if you get of course, then the edit multiple frames feature can be handy as well).
  • The name of each student should appear at the same time as their photograph (have the names appear in the same location as well).

If you are already well versed in Flash: Try experimenting with arrays in actionscript so you get yourself down to a single edit point for the images, and the names. You should be able to create a project that has only one keyframe. Don't forget that you can load external .jpg files at run-time if you want. Unfortunately, Flash 8 now supports multi-dimensional arrays, which should make life easier then the nested or parallel approach that was necessary as recently as MX 2004.

  • Deliverables: flash development file (.fla)
  • File Naming convention: assignment3{YourName}.fla (so if your name were Sam Walker you would name the file assignment3SamWalker.fla).

Assessment Rubric

Your assignment will be assessed using the following rubric:

Criteria Points
Do you use a consistent naming convention for layers, symbols, and pseudo-symbols in this case the image bitmaps? Did all of your layers have a meaningful name? (e.g. "layer 1" is not an option) 2 points
Is your project easy to change and update? (hint: you should have only the number of instances you absolutely need for each symbol ). 2 points
Do you have a well organized timeline (related layers are near each other, elements are where they are promised e.g. student photos are in the pictures layer, not the buttons layer). 2 points
Are all of the required elements (see above) present and working correctly? 4 points
Total 10 points
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