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Assignment 2

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Displaced Mushroom

Guidelines and Assessment Rubric

This assignment should be very quick for you to put together. You'll build on your first assignment by adding a few features and getting practice with motion guides, onion skinning, and creating symbols.

Functionality required includes:

  • Move your mushroom so that it grows in a different location. Note that it should not move and grow at the same time, but it should grow in a different spot. (You'll need to use the edit multiple frames option here).
  • Add some grass. Since blades of grass (at least for our purposes look really similar) make a grass symbol. You should then populate your project with instances of your symbol (make alterations to your blades of grass such as flipping them horizontally, rotating them and distorting them so they don't all look the same).
  • Make your moon (and sun if you have one) follow a curved motion guide. You can either have them follow the same motion guide or a different one, however you choose to do it.

If you are already well versed in Flash: Try making your moon and sun into movie clips. You can then have them change in brightness (more so the sun than the moon) as they fly by, hopefully corresponding to changes in your sky background.

  • Deliverables: flash development file (.fla)
  • File Naming convention: assignment2{YourName}.fla (so if your name were Sam Walker you would name the file assignment2SamWalker.fla).

Assessment Rubric

Your assignment will be assessed using the following rubric:

Criteria Points
Do you use a consistent naming convention for layers? (with all layers having a meaningful name e.g. "layer 1" is not an option) 3 points
Do you have a well organized timeline (related layers are near each other, elements are where they are promised e.g. the moon is on the layer named "moon")? 3 points
Are all of the required elements (see above) present and working correctly? 4 points
Total 10 points
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