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Assignment 1

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Growing Mushrooms

Guidelines and Assessment Rubric

As part of an instructional piece on mushrooms you are going to create an animation showing their growth rate (sort of a time-lapse photography thing).

You'll need the following elements in your flash project:

  • A mushroom (stem and head the easiest way to draw this is to start with two filled ovals and then use the "reshaping" feature of the arrow tool).
  • Some sort of "ground" for the mushroom to sit on.
  • A crescent moon.
  • Use a tween to move the moon from one end of the screen to the other.
  • Use a tween to make the mushroom "grow" (the moon should move much faster than the mushroom grows to give a feel for how much time is passing).
    • You may want to play with the "ease" settings so that the mushroom appears to grow quickly at first and then slow down.

If you are already well versed in Flash: Make this a little more realistic by having the mushroom grow over a period of days (showing skyline color changes with the moon and sun moving across rapidly). You might want to put these in a movie clip so that you loop the changes on your main timeline. You could also have the mushroom be a movie clip and then show several instances (a whole field) of growing mushrooms.

  • Deliverables: flash development file (.fla)
  • File Naming convention: assignment1{YourName}.fla (so if your name were Sam Walker you would name the file assignment1SamWalker.fla).

Assessment Rubric

Your assignment will be assessed using the following rubric:

Criteria Points
Do you use a consistent naming convention for layers? (with all layers having a meaningful name e.g. "layer 1" is not an option) 3 points
Do you have a well organized timeline (related layers are near each other, elements are where they are promised e.g. the moon is on the layer named "moon")? 3 points
Are all of the required elements (see above) present and working correctly? 4 points
Total 10 points
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