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Lesson 1: What is data visualization?

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Course Content   ::  Lesson 1  ::   Assignment 1


Wainer, H. (1997). Chapter 10 and Section 5, Visual Revelations . New York: Copernicus.


Rules for Preparation of Tables
We should design tables for overall level, row, colun and interaction effects. What are the rules? How does Wainer say we can improve tables?

Improving graphical presentations
Wainer writes that our goal should be to have figures and text intermingled so that they form a single perceptual unit. How does he suggest we accomplish this?

Chapter 18-19
What is the reason for "continued low quality" of presentations? What is sense-lining, and why is it important?

Chapter 20
What are some issues with making overhead displays unreadable? How do we improve (what are Wainer's recommendations)?

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