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Assignment 4: Introduction to Illustrator

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Short Description:

Knowledge of basic graphic design tools is vital for creative expressions of quantitative information in order to 1) make an impact on your audience while 2) maintaining interest. Basic quantitative visualization packages (like those in Excel) offer a limited amount of flexibility for creating data-based graphics, and often the author has to “settle” for a non-ideal representation. Illustration software tools offer much more variation and author control of the content. For this assignment, you will create a personal logo to help you get used to the Illustrator interface and some familiar tools the program offers. Then you will use the graph tool to create and modify some familiar data. You will export both items to a Word document in preparation for publication.



    • Create your own Logo
    • Re-make the “Rounded Averages” Graph you created in Excel from Assignment #3
Technology Features – Your results will include:
    • One Word document that contains two bitmaps: a logo and a graph
    • The logo should contain a combination of text and shapes (created with the pen tool or otherwise), using a variety of fills and strokes
    • The graph should contain accurate data and provide impact while maintaining clarity, and should comply with the design rules as expressed by Tversky, Tufte, and Wainer
    • The graph should be created using the “Graph” operation in Illustrator. Remember it is a button on the main toolbar.
    • After you press the graph button, click and drag on the page to create the graph area. A spreadsheet will appear for you to enter the appropriate data. It should be familiar to you. After entering the data, click the “check” on the header of the spreadsheet to update the graph.
    • Once your graph is made, edit it so that the axis labels are the appropriate size and each variable has a unique color/pattern. You will need to “ungroup” the graph in order to edit it. Use the direct select arrow to select individual objects in the graph.
    • Add an appropriate title to the graph, and any other necessary elements to create a clear, properly labeled graph, similar to what you did in Assignment #3.
    • Save both your graph and your personal logo as separate “.jpg” bitmaps. Create a Word file and insert your graphics.
Objectives of this assignment
    • Get familiar with the Illustrator interface, drawing tools, and graph tool
    • Practice graph creation, manipulation and emphasis techniques
    • Create scalable graphic objects for multipurpose export
    • If you have trouble creating and editing the graph, be sure to ask for help during Tuesday’s lab

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