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Assignment 2: Excel Introduction

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Short Description:

At times, people must take raw data in an unsophisticated format and create meaning from that data. For this assignment, create a table and accompanying graphic visuals using Excel and Word that is appropriate for a given set of data.


You will need this data sheet (.xml) to complete this assignment.

    • Create a file in Word that consists of tabular and graphical communications, along with accompanying text that compliments their meaning.
Technology Features – Please include:
    • A title section that provides an overview of the information
    • At least one table
    • At least one graph appropriate graph
    • Accompanying text that compliments the table(s) and graph(s)
Content – You should form your table(s) and graph(s) to answer the following questions:
    • How do expenses change in the first 3 years?
    • Where is the “break-even point” when expenses = income?
    • When and where are the largest incomes and expenses expected?
    • How much money, in proportion or total, comes from return customers? How much is spent on advertising?
Objectives of this assignment
    • Provide students with an opportunity to practice using Excel, and transferring data to a Word document
    • Provide students with an opportunity to use the suggestions offered by Wainer and Tversky for good visualizations
    • Use Wainer’s suggestions to create ordered, appropriately spaced content, and stem-and-leaf diagrammatical emphasis.
    • Keep in mind the Tversky reading when choosing an appropriate graph for the content.
    • Surf the “help” areas in both Excel and Word to learn more about the software.

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