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Assignment 1: PowerPoint Introduction

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Short Description:

In order to work effectively in groups both in the classroom and the workplace, we need to know something about each other – about differing skills, interests, backgrounds, etc. For this assignment, create a PowerPoint presentation that introduces you to the class.



    • Create a PowerPoint presentation that consists of 5-6 slides and lasts no more than 5 minutes
Technology Features – Please include:
    • A title slide and at least two other slide types
    • At least one table
    • At least one graph
    • An appropriate background
    • One “unique” feature – preferably some feature that you know about but others may not
Content – Your presentation should include the following information:
    • Name
    • Areas of interest within your field
    • Experiences relevant to your interests
    • Future plans
    • Other possibly useful information
Objectives of this assignment
    • Provide students with an opportunity to practice using PowerPoint
    • Stimulate some discussion of the basics of a good presentation
    • Stimulate discussion about useful/hidden features of PowerPoint
    • As with any assignments you work on in the lab, ask other members of the class if you have general questions. Part of this practice is to get to know other members of the coordinated study, and to begin to build a learning community.
    • Surf the menus to learn more about the software

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