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Intro :: Assignments :: Paper Guidelines :: Assignment Submission

The National Science Foundation ( has funded a large initiative to catalog collections of high-quality online resources into the National Science Digital Library ( . The mission of the NSDL is to help improve education for all teachers and students.

The purpose of this module is to help you find high-quality online resources, learn strategies for incorporating them into a free software tool called the Instructional Architect, and use these projects in an instructional situation.

In this module, you will learn to access online resources and to use tools to help solve instructional or learning problems or issues that you currently face in your classroom.


Learner Preparation

    This module is designed for pre-service and in-service teachers (including school library media specialists). The module assumes only basic Internet literacy, including using a Web browser and search engines.


What will you learn?


In this online module, you will learn the following:

  • how to use the Instructional Architect (IA) to create engaging web pages (called projects) using online resources to enliven your classroom and motivate your students;
    • how to connect your IA projects to the core curriculum;
    • how to find high-quality and interactive online resources using the National Science Digital Library via the Instructional Architect;
  • how to implement the IA projects in an instructional situation.
  • how to modify and improve your IA projects.
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