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Online Learning Resources

What are online resources?


Online resources are Internet-based equivalents of more conventional curriculum resources: books, articles, pictures, movies, games, activities, and homework. The key difference is that online resources are digital and available over the Internet. Formats include web documents, audio files, images, videos, animations, word processing documents and others.


Instructional use of online resources


Online resources are increasingly being used in education. Here has an example of an online resource: an interactive weather simulator .

weather simulator image


Criteria of high-quality online resources


Consider using some of the following criteria for evaluating an online resource.

  • This resource is accurate.
  • This resource encourages active participation of the learner.
  • This resource includes all the information needed to use it.
  • This resource flows in an orderly manner.
  • This resource is age appropriate.
  • This resource is free of advertising.
  • This resource correlates with the core.

Quality Criteria References


The websites listed below provide more references on quality criteria.

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