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Introduction to the Instructional Architect

The Instructional Architect ( is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to find online resources from the National Science Digital Library ( and the Web, use them to create engaging and interactive educational web pages, and share your work with others. You can freely explore and use the IA at any time.

The IA enables you to:

  • create a free account to store your collection of resources and Instructional Architect projects;
  • design IA projects using the resources you find;
  • share your resources with your students and other teachers.

Take an IA tour


Take an IA tour to get a brief introduction to the Instructional Architect.

  1. In your web browser, go to (access ).
  2. Click on the link "TAKE THE TOUR" at the right bottom of the frontpage.

Example IA projects


To give you a sense of the kinds of learning activities you can create with the Instructional Architect, we selected the following IA projects, created by teachers.

  • Ms. Johnson's, " Weather " includes a simple weather simulator. This project is appropriate for elementary or middle school science.
  • Mr. Hughes', " ANGLES AND PROTRACTORS " includes an interactive game. This resource is good for elementary school math.
  • Miss J. Reed's, " Shape Quest " includes several interesting games and quizzes.

Go to IA Project Showcase to view more example IA projects.

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