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Implement Projects

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Schedule :: Implement IA Projects
Implement IA Projects

In this activity, you will create an additional IA project and implement it in an instructional situation. Then do a self-assessment by reviewing the Checklist.




Create an additional IA project that is interesting and relevant to your students. Post the URL or project ID in your small group discussion board. Implement it in an instructional situation (e.g., as a classroom, homework or lab, activity). Share your experiences with your group members by posting them in your small group discussion board.


  • Your successes when designing and implementing the IA project in an instructional activity.
  • Specific difficulties.
  • Your students' reactions to the instructional activity.
  • What you would do differently the next time you implemented your IA project.

You will write and submit a reflection paper primarily on your implementation experiences when you complete the activity in the next section (section "Comment on Projects"). So remember that these discussions might become part of your final reflection paper (review the reflection paper guidelines in the syllabus for the requirements).




You have completed this activity if:

  • You created an additional IA project and posted the URL or project ID in your small group discussion board as part of your assignment . And you implemented the project in an instructional situation.
  • You shared your experience with your group members and posted them in your small group discussion board.
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