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Basic Steps

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Basic Steps to Create an IA Project

Here is a sample homework project created for students using the Instructional Architect (click on Project Parts at the top of the page to learn more about this example).

In this section, you will get a quick sense of the basic steps that you will use later to create an Instructional Architect project similar to the link above.



  1. Search for resources: The first step is to find one online resource using the Instructional Architect. You will learn several ways to search for resources using the Instructional Architect in the sections "Search NSDL" and "Add Your Resources."
    demonstration     View a video demonstration.
  2. Author project: After finding at least one relevant online resource, you can begin creating a new project by clicking on the "create new project" quicklink or in the main menu after clicking on "my projects."
    demonstration     View a video demonstration.
    • Author project step 1: You can select the graphic theme and background color of your project (e.g., the background color of the sample project shown above is "orange").
    • Author project step 2: You can fill in the content of your project, including the title, overview, and body of your project.
    • Author project step 3: You can preview the project you just created.
    • Author project step 4: You can "publish" your projects and set permissions on who can view them (including user-only, your students, and/or anyone browsing the IA site) and enter helpful information about your project.
  3. Edit project: If you want to modify the project you created, click on the "my projects" link in the main menu.
    demonstration    View a video demonstration.
    A list of your existing projects will be displayed. For each project, you can edit it by:
    • clicking on the "change theme" link to change the color and/or graphic as in step 1, above;
    • clicking on the "edit content" link to change the title, overview, and/or body as in step 2, above;
    • clicking on the "publish options" link to change the publishing options, subject area, and/or grade level as in step 4, above.




If you have any problems while using the Instructional Architect, please access the "help" link available on the header of each Instructional Architect page. If that doesn't solve the problem, please email us at (which is at the bottom of every IA page).

IA Help Image

IA Help 2

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