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Apple iMovie - Lesson 2

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iMovie Help


Follow along example:

Show Finished Movie First (Quicktime)

Create a new project

Hook up camera

Import (at least) 3 parts by starting and stopping Import button:
    • The Work
    • The Play
    • The Inspiration

Copy/paste the 3 relevant clips to edit in waiting area. Rename them.

Edit each renamed clip to start/stop points using scrubber and "crop" function.

Drag 3 clips from movie shelf waiting area to movie strip.

"Play" to see what happens.


Add Titles
    • "Centered Title" Intro to my Office
    • Edit color, font, speed & pause
    • Copy & paste for the work, edit and update
    • Same for the play, the inspiration, and fine
Create still frame from the start of the work
    • Rename OpeningShot, add to movie strip
    • Double-click, change duration to 1 second
Add Transitions
    • (Preview) Fade In (with Opening Shot highlighted)
    • Drag to component in movie strip
    • Add Fade Out to TheInspiration clip
Add Audio
    1. Change to "timeline" view
    2. Click Audio button, drop down menu to iMovie Sound Effects
    3. Add Xylophone to opening
    4. Add Outdoor cheer across TheInspiration (into fadeout and Fine)
    5. Drop down menu to iTunes library, add Like A Stone to end of Xylophone
    6. Edit Like a Stone, take scrubber to end of audio clip, split audio clip at playhead‰
    7. Delete unwanted portion of clip
    8. Check "edit volume" box and bottom of window
    9. change transition/volume of Like a Stone at beginning and end.
Import a photo into waiting area
    • File -> Save Frame as‰ " filename" (choose as .jpg)
    • Show to edit in Photoshop‰ or any other kind of photoshop image!
    • Edit -> Import filename.jpg
    • Drag to movie strip, highlight, click on "Photos" button
    • Show Ken Burns Effect, Preview, etc.
    • When finished, delete from Movie Strip (not needed here)
Export movie
    • File -> Export to web (or CD) as Quicktime.
    • Burn file to CD using Finder, drag and drop.
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