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Microsoft PowerPoint - Assignments

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Part A:

You are an Instructional Designer (ID) & Subject Matter Expert (SME) tasked with designing an instructional presentation in your area of subject matter expertise. You will first have to do an analysis of your audience and your content. Next, you will need to design your presentation.

Part B:

You are an Instructional Designer tasked with developing and giving a presentation based on an existing design document.

Important Notes:

Instructional Technology department and Masters level students - You will be expected to complete Part A prior to the undergraduate students. You will then swap design documents with another IT/Masters student (will be assigned by the instructor). You will be expected to complete Part B based on the design documents you receive from your assigned partner and they will complete your design.
All other students will complete both parts for themselves.


  • Written audience and content analysis
  • Design document
  • Evaluation rubric
  • PowerPoint file
  • Class presentation
  • Evaluation of design implementation


  1. Identify your audience and content. ( Example analysis document )
    • Identify aspects of the content that need to be presented to your audience, as well as any audience specific characteristics which affect the presentation of the content.
    • Write a two to five page summary of your audience and content. (APA formatting is required for IT and Masters students. If you are unfamiliar with APA, talk to an instructor.) [Note: Consider this practice at writing an executive summary for a full analysis.]
    • IT and Masters students - Turn in two printed copies.
    • All other students - Turn in one printed copy.
  2. Create a design document. ( Example design document )
    • Based on your audience and content analysis, and the required components for this course (listed below), create a blueprint for the actual presentation. This should include:
      • Breakdown of content per slide
      • Graphics and data per slide
      • presenter's notes per slide
      • Audience visual and/or audio limitations
      • Content or audience specific elements (e.g. school logo, content specific colors)
    • Write-up your design document in an appropriate manner for your design. (i.e. You do not need to use APA formatting. You may use whatever written format best conveys your design.) Remember that someone else, who does not know you, your audience, or your content, should be able to design and give the presentation based on this document! Be as detailed as you need to be.
    • IT and Masters students - Turn in three printed copies.
    • IT and Masters students - Post any electronic files (e.g. graphics, charts, digital version of analysis and design) to a folder named "presentation_lastname" within your course folder. Make sure you note the name and location of all digital files in your written design document!
  3. Create and use an evaluation rubric. (IT and Masters students only; Example rubric document )
    • When your analyses and design documents are completed, create a rubric to evaluate the final digital presentation file and the final presentation given to the class.
    • Make sure you assign a total of 30 points. A total of 20-25 points should be assigned to the digital file with the remaining 5 - 10 points being assigned to the class presentation.
    • Make sure that all aspects of the rubric are included in the design document. Your counterpart will not have a copy of the rubric, they are working solely off of your analysis and design documents.
    • Turn in three printed copies
  4. Create a PowerPoint folder in your course folder.
    • The name of the folder should be presentations.
    • Your .ppt or .pps file, as well as any supporting files, will go directly in this folder.
  5. According to class directions and the required components listed below, create your presentation
  6. Prepare an evaluation of the analysis and design documents. (IT and Masters students only)
    • Turn in a three to six page (yes, in APA format) report.
    • Based on your experience developing a presentation, provide an evaluation of the analysis and design documents you were given.
    • Include both the strengths and weaknesses of the both documents.
    • Include a brief section on what you have learned as a designer, as a result of producing analysis and design documents which someone else is developing.
    • Include a brief section on what you have learned as a developer, having to develop a presentation based on someone else's analysis and design documents.

Required Components

  • The presentation must be in line with the audience and content analysis.
  • The presentation must correspond with the design document.
  • The presentation must be professional or instructional in nature. Examples of appropriate presentations are instruction, subject specific information, and how to's.
  • The presentation must have a minimum of 5 slides.
  • The presentation must last at least 6 minutes and no more than 8 minutes.
  • All pages must have an accessible color scheme. Specifically, font colors must contrast with the background color.
  • All fonts must be of a reasonably large size and with differing attributes (e.g. color, size, bold, italics, underlining) kept to a minimum.
  • All pages must be spell and grammar checked.
  • All copyright guidelines must be followed.
  • There must be a title slide. For the IT and Masters students, include both your name and your designer's name.
  • All slides must have a slide title.
  • There must be at least one presentation appropriate, non-text element. (i.e. A graphic or sound element that is directly related to the subject being presented.)
Additional components and points for Instructional Technology & Masters students
  • Your analysis and design documents will be evaluated based on your partner's evaluation report, and the ability to create a presentation based on the design documents. (15)
  • Your rubric will be evaluated according to your analysis and design documents. (i.e. Was your rubric in line with your analysis and design documents.) (5)
  • Your digital file and class presentation will be evaluated according to the rubric created by your partner. (Note: You will not be given a copy of this rubric.) (15)
  • Your evaluation document will be evaluated based on your evaluation write-up, the identification of strengths and weaknesses, and what you learned. (15)

Student Examples

Here are some example presentations:

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