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Apple iMovie - Assignment

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Course Content   ::   iMovie Lesson 1   ::   iMovie Lesson 2   ::   iMovie Assignment

You will create a short video (5 minutes, max) using iMovie. The purpose of the movie will be to instruct or train a person or group of people on an idea, skill, or procedure that may be required in your program of study. Your movie can be a combination of video clips and still clips (photos). Each movie will be required to have a title slide, a credits slide, and a minimum of 2 transitions. When complete, you will need to export your movie and burn it to a CD to turn in for grading. You will also have the opportunity to burn your movie to a DVD if you wish.

Possible factors to consider for this assignment:
  • Idea or skill to describe appropriate for video
  • Your target audience
  • Location for shooting your video
  • Recruiting friends/family/roommates as actors or camera persons
  • Short on ideas? Think about a possible public service announcement.
  • CD with an instructional movie (You may turn in a DVD, however no instruction or support will be provided.)
Required components
  • One CD or DVD with your finished movie.
  • One movie with an instructional purpose. The movie will be no longer than 5 minutes.
    • Instructional purpose
    • Between 4:30-5:00 minutes
  • The movie is to have at least 2 transitions with a title slide and credits.
    • Transitions
    • Title slide
    • Credits
  • Remember that you can only use material of your own (that doesn't infringe on copyright law).
  • Please make sure that everything is spelled correctly.
  • Feel free to get creative and give it your own sense of style.
  • The results of this piece may make for a nice addition to your portfolio and electronic resume.
  • You may want to use GoLive to add this movie to your website you created in your Website Assignment.

Student Examples

Here are some example iMovie assignments ( Quicktime required):

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