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Adobe Photoshop Assignment

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Adobe Photoshop has led the industry in digital image creation and manipulation since its inception. Graphic artists, instructors, and people from all walks of industry use Photoshop to import, create, edit, and output their digital images for a variety of purposes. Most all other graphic programs utilize tools available in Photoshop, or ones that are closely related to tools in Photoshop. Therefore, becoming familiar with this program should help you easily transition to any other graphic image manipulation software package.


General - For this exercise, you will perform a variety of actions from within Photoshop. The assignment includes creation and/or manipulation of at least 3 images. But think ahead to the next assignment in this class: GoLive. You will likely need a variety of images for placement within the webpage you will be creating. Think about

    • what kinds of images (photographs, line drawings, text-based graphics) you'll want on your website.
    • what these images will look like when they are finished.
    • what images from other websites you think looks/functions well.
    • how you might go about building a "theme" or "feeling" based on the images on your website.
Technology Features - Your results will include
    • One new folder in your server account named yourname_photoshop.
    • One image that was scanned (or saved), modified and had a filter or photo effect applied to it, and saved as a .jpg named yourname_effect.jpg. This image should be 200 pixels by 300 pixels large.
    • One image (different than the first) that was created using at least 3 different layers. A number of tools such as crop, smudge, magic wand, etc. should be evident as work done to each layer. This image is to be saved in your photoshop folder with the name yourname_layers.psd.
    • One image that conforms to rules for the creation of a .gif image, which may be designed as a button, icon, or logo. Save this image as a transparent .gif, and save it to your folder as BOTH yourname_button.gif and yourname_button.psd.
    • You will drop your entire folder for this assignment into the instructors' folder to turn in your assignment
    • The first image that you manipulate may be found on the Internet, or at a website that you're familiar with. You may save this image to a local location before editing it, but remember that if you are not the originator of this image, it is subject to copyright. Therefore to be safe, you may choose to use a .jpg of your own, or one used with a permission of a friend. If you do not have an image you feel comfortable using for this assignment, please ask the instructor.
    • Your folder will contain at least 4 images used for grading with this assignment, all having appropriate names as listed.
    • Do not forget to drop your entire folder into the instructor's server folder. You can do this by pressing the option key, clicking on your photoshop folder, and drag/drop it into the instructor folder.
    • If you have any question concerning this assignment, please email or seek help at least 48 hours before the assignment is due. If you seek help too close to the turn-in time, you may not have time to finish the assignment.
Objectives of this assignment
    • Exposure to the Photoshop interface and a familiarity with some of the more commonly-used graphic image tools.
    • Practice transferring data from local and server locations to another location.
    • Practice creating web-based graphics for use on the Internet, specifically a web page of the student's design.
    • Practice in-general for creating graphics for use in information design and instructional design. This knowledge should transfer into use with most other graphic image programs.

Student Examples

Here are some example assignments (each ZIP file contains 4 files):

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