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Adobe Photoshop - Lesson 2

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Course Content   ::   Photoshop Lesson 1   ::   Photoshop Lesson 2   ::   Photoshop Assignment

The Help drop-down menu
      • How-to-paint and draw
        • Draw a donut or wheel shape
Practice exercise #1
From the Internet, go to
Copy image from the website to your clipboard [ALT: save file to local location and then open it.]
Paste/Open this file in Photoshop
Apply a filter:
      • Filter drop-down, Filter Gallery
Play around with a number of filters and their settings. Suggestions:
      • Render -> Lens Flare
      • Blur -> motion blur
      • Noise -> dust and scratches
Practice exercise #2
For Fun old-timey photo:
Example picture from IT "people" website:
      • Add Noise -> dust and scratches
      • Got to "styles" palette, ->Image Tone: Sepia
Save picture as web-ready, both .jpg or .gif
      • Which file is larger?
      • Is there a difference in how it looks?
      • Open it in a web browser to check.
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