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Adobe Photoshop - Lesson 1

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New Files
    • Preset functions
Open/Close Files

Adobe Photoshop Workspace & Toolbar

A PDF handout is available here detailing the parts of the Adobe Photoshop Workspace & Toolbar.

Selection of tools for review:
    • Brush
    • Rectangular Marquee
    • Move tool
    • Magic Wand
    • Type tool
    • Foreground color/Background color
    • Eyedropper
    • Zoom
Other important palettes:
    • Layers
    • History/Undo drop-down
    • Colors/Swatches/Styles
    • Character/Paragraph
Save Files
    • .psd
Save for web...
    • .gif
    • .jpg
General rules for saving for web:
    • small images, like icons and buttons: .gif (non-interlaced)
    • images with few colors, view "blends": .gif
    • line art, grayscale, cartoons: .gif
    • scanned images and photographs: .jpg (sequential)
    • large images, or ones with high detail: .jpg
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