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Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint in the Classroom
This tutorial was designed for teachers. The classroom examples aren't great, but the step-by-step nature can be a useful guide - however, all the examples are for PowerPoint 97 on Windows OS, so specific steps may need to be modified for your situation.

Designing an Influential Presentation by Ellen Finkelstein

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop color scheme template
A .psd file that allows you to change the background layer to get mathematically derived schemes.

Photoshop Tips and Tricks
A laundry list of things to do with photoshop.

Extensions for Photoshop
A variety of files that add functionality to photoshop.

Adobe GoLive

Site Brainstorming

Brainstorming is a valuable tool to help begin to visualize and organize content for a Web site. Click here for a printable Site Brainstorm guide (PDF).

Transferring Files with Fetch

Fetch is an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program for macs. Click here for a printable guide to using Fetch (PDF).

Multiple Topics & Misc. Issues

    • Visibone
      Excellent references, both web-based and tree-base, for many web-based technologies, including: color, xhtml, css, and javascript. (Also has phenomenal customer service!)
    • BBC - Websites alienate Firefox users
      An article reporting on an assessment of website accessiblity (not 508 accessibility) within a new standards-compliant browser.
    • Web Style Guide
      Describes the process of designing a web site. Based on a pulp-based book.




Apple iMovie

Apple's Tutorial
Apple's tutorial to iMovie

University of Texas iSchool
A beginners tutorial

University of Vermont
Another iMovie tutorial

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